Friday 27 December 2013

You all know windows save all the password hashes on the SAM file. Windows has the inbuilt feature to Lock the SAM. You can lock the SAM with that inbuilt Tool. When you enabled it. Next time when you boot your computer it will ask for a SAM password then Your windows password will Prompt.
If you enable it one time. You cannot disable it again. But it added protection to your Windows SAM tool.

Here is the way to Lock the SAM in windows.

1. Open Run (Windows Logo Keys + R) then type "syskey"

SAM password

2. SAM Lock Tool will open. Now Click ok to Enable it and Choose your Password.

How to Password Protect SAM(System Account Manger) in Windows

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How to Password Protect SAM file in windows

After entering the password just enable it then click ok.

Next time you will boot your computer. It will ask for a SAM password. Be careful to remember the password.

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