Sunday 29 December 2013

Today Every country has the ton of websites. You can access these website globally. You just have to type the url in the address bar and you will get the website. But sometimes our ISP(Internet Service Provider)  block websites of some countries. We cannot access those websites normally. You just got error like your isp block this website you cannot access it. But we can access it. We just have to use the web proxy. We will use the proxy of that country. Then you can access any website of that country.

How to do that ?

We will use the proxy in our browser. You will get one IP address and port of that country. You simply have to put this address in your browser proxy.

Here are the steps to perform this operation :-

You will the proxy server list from the Samair Proxy ! ......

How to use it in your browser ? 

In Internet Explorer :-

Go to Tools > Connection > You Connection (LAN , Mobile Network)

Then Check ip from the Samair Proxy ... Copy ip address and port. Paste in the internet options

Press okey when you try to Load the website. That website will be from that country.

We are using China Proxy . you can check its Chinese Google.

Note :- Google Chrome will load default settings of Internet Explorer.

In Mozilla Firefox :-

Go to  Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection settings

Then Go to Samair Proxy copy ip address and port.

This is the way you can change proxy to check the blocked website of that country.

Note :- Proxies will work slow. But if you want work it fast. You can buy Paid proxies.

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