Sunday 22 December 2013

Well these days android is the one of the popular platforms for the Smartphones. Today the more and more brands launch their smartphones with android operating system. Because android has the lot of features in it also it has lot of application which lets users to enjoy in their ways . Everyone is fond of android these days.

You ever wonder to access to android device or smartphone from your PC. Yes you can do this easily . You just have to install one software or app in your android mobile. Which let user to access his or her device from the browser.

User can perform all the operation in the mobile without even touching it. You can check your messages, check your videos ,Play songs , send message to friends , you can even call your friends without even touching your mobile.

You can do everything from your pc .

App name is "Airdroid".... Just search it from Google Play and install it .
When you will start the application it will like this .

After this ... Go to You pc browser Like (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari)

type in address bar :- (Your address will be different as per your connection) then press enter.

You will get prompt message in your mobile . It will ask your permission to accept or Decline .
Accept it . Now you will have access to your android mobile .

Now you can perform all the operations what you want in your mobile.

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