Wednesday 25 December 2013

Social Networking websites are very much popular these days . Everyone is hunting on the social networking. Some peoples are doing chating on the social networking sites. Some peoples are hunting for the pages on the social networking websites.

But sometimes you may be busy in the some works. You cannot access your profile on the social network. You got number of messages from your friends . But due to your busy schedule you cannot reply them. Your friends thinking you are ignoring them. We have solution of your problem.

Now here is the one app which reply automatically your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You don't have to worry about all these things.

Auto Relaxed is the website which let you perform this operation. You don't need worry about anything you just have to do setup this for one time only.

Lets start the set up .

Click on the Get started .

Choose your account type . You want to activate in Facebook and Twitter.

Choose  what you want to do .

Give permission to that application so that it works good.

Choose auto reply message or create your own message then activate.

Activate it ...

You app is activated . Now whenever you friends will message you. It will give you reply back.

If you anytime you need you don't want this . You can turn off that application.

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Team Technical Beats.


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