Friday 27 December 2013

You can control over the LAN or WiFi . If you are sharing your internet connection From LAN and WiFi. You can over this . You can deiced which computer can run internet or which not . You can do this easily. If you are System Administrator it will be beneficial for you. You can disconnect anyone's internet connection over LAN and WiFi.

Here is the one software called Netcut. This software will help your alot to perform these operations easily.

You can download it from its official Website. It will also help to change your MAC address.  :- official Website of Netcut.

 Download it and install it . It will Like that. It will give you list of ip addresses of those people who are connected to internet in your network. Just click on the IP address then press the cutoff button. It will disconnect the internet.

If you want to protect your computer from this . You can click on the Protect My Computer.  You can play prank with your friends.

Use it for Education Purpose. Don't misuse it.

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