Saturday 28 December 2013

These days blogs are getting popular day by day. If you have blog then this topic best suites for you. Because if you are professional blogger you must have knowledge about it. If you are the New blogger you want to drive more and more traffic to your blog you can do this. If you are new blogger you must have to try these ways. This way will give you more and more traffic on your Blog.

Traffic matters alot to bloggers. First of all if you are new blogger. Always have things in Your mind.

1. Always write good content for your Topics.
2. Avoid copying from others blogs. If you are copying it. but when you will apply for Adsense. You will surely got rejected.
3. Always choose Good topics for your Blog.
4. Choose Good pictures for your blog.

Here are the ways which will help you drive a traffic on your Blog.

1.  Share you each post on Social Networking websites. Because on social networking websites. Peoples are always searching for something new.


2. Even you have to share your blog on one of best bookmarking websites on the internet. Because these websites has the lot of traffic. You can drive traffic on your blog.

 Submit you each post link on this website.


This website has the lot of traffic. If you want to be on the front page of Digg . Submit you each post on the digg.

To submit Link on Digg.

Submit On Digg


This website is also let you share your Link. But it has limit to submission of you link.


It is one of the best website we have ever seen. It will drive one of the Good traffic on your blog.


This website also gives you the lot of traffic. You can sumit your link here but it has limit.


This website also drive good traffic on your blog. You just have to share your each post to Technorati and just wait. You will get good response.



Yahoo Buzz!

All submit your post on Social Networking websites and Also on Bookmarking websites.
Also Write on someone's blog will enhance your blog traffic.

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