Monday 23 December 2013

What is Alexa ranking ?

Suppose when some one want to advertise on your website. They will always check Alexa ranking of your website. If you Alexa is good then advertise will give you ads easily or happily. but if ranking is not so good then the advertiser will never interested in you.

Alexa is website which stores the information about the website. It will tell you how many visitors comes on your website daily . How long they stay on your website. It will also tell which country access or visit your website more and more. It will give you rank of your website . It has two types of ranking .

1. Global Ranking
2. Ranking by country

Global ranking measure by all the countries visit in your website then it will make a rank for you and give it to you.

Ranking by country it will give you ranking of country where you website is more visited .

Alexa is a product of amazon. it is operated by amazon.

 This is ranking of our website with in 1and 2 week from start .

People always think if you have more traffic on your website you will have good ranking in alexa . But its wrong . Update your website daily.

How to get ranking in Alexa?

Alexa only check your website when it goes under from its toolbar. Alexa always measure traffic from its toolbar .

So if you want good traffic in the Alexa. You must have to install the toolbar of the in your browsers like Firefox and Chrome . You can download it from the Alexa official website.

You can download Alexa toolbar from this link. Also you can add widget to your websites which show the ranking of your website.

Tell your friends too install the Alexa toolbar in their browser then open your website. Then your website will get the good ranking with in days.

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