Monday 23 December 2013

There are the number of proxies are available on the internet. Proxies are used when you want to access the websites that are blocked in your country . There are the number of types of proxies like .

1. Web based Proxies.
2. Browser Based Proxies
3. Software Based Proxies .

Today we will tell you how you can use the portable browser with the help of browser you can access all the block websites. It will also hide your ip address.

Software will be used  :-

Tor project will help you to hide your ip address and let you work anonymously. It works on the windows. You can download it from the official website of Tor Project .

Download :-

Its free of cost .

How to work with it?

Download it from the official website of tor project . After download it comes with 7z . Extract it . Then start it .

After starting it . You will get new mozilla firefox browser with different ip address like this .

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