Wednesday 25 December 2013

There are number of browsers are available. But best browsers are like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Everyone has habit to work on their favorite browser.

Well everyone is a fond of Mozilla Firefox. If you are working on Mozilla . There may you find a Link but that link you want to open in Google Chrome.

Regularly you will open Google Chrome then copy link from the Mozilla Firefox then you will paste it in Google Chrome. It take your lot of time.

You can do it in easy way. You can open it from Mozilla You don't need to open Google Chrome First.

How you can do that ?

Press Alt from Keyboard . You will menu pane in Mozilla Firefox Top.

Select Tools > Add-ons

Add-ons windows will open . Search there "open in Google chrome" . You will find it .. just install it.

After installing it .Just restart the browser then Next whenever you will click on any link you will find open in Google chrome .

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Team Technical Beats