Tuesday 24 December 2013

You all are very much familiar about the Google. Google is one the best search engine in the world. You can get all the things you want to search on the internet. If you want want any find any website or if you want any link. You can simply search it. You will get results within milliseconds within one click.

If you have single word or some address. You just have to go to Google then simply search it for. You will get all the details about that word or you will get all the information about the word and place within second.

But have your ever think if you have image of some place or you have logo of some company. You have to search about. Then how it is possible to search with image. Well don't get worry. Google have the feature which give you the possible information about the image. If you have the logo it will simply tell you which company is related to that logo.

How to search with image or Picture in the Google ?

Steps are the following down.

1. Go to address bar then type http://images.google.com in the address bar.

You just have to click on the camera right hand side in the corner of search box.

You will get two options . one is search with address either upload image to search.

Just upload your photo in the browse folder. You will get your results in the search .

This is the way which let you search with images .

This is the way you can find everything you will get your result in the search.

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