Monday 23 December 2013

How to secure your Gmail Account?

These days everyone has a Gmail id or you can call it Gmail Account. Everyone who has Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. He or she must have a Gmail id as a primary email on Facebook. But here comes the security. If your Gmail got hacked then that person simply can hack your Facebook and other email ids within a minute. If you have set your Gmail id as primary id. 

Even if one of your friends knows your email password. He or she can easily hack into your Facebook or he/she can easily change your security information. So a big question arises in front of us. How to secure the Gmail Account. So that no one can access your Account without Your Permission. Yes, you can do this in Gmail. No one can access your Gmail without your permission whether he/she knows your password or not. it doesn't matter. It will never open until you give permission.

How to Secure your  Gmail Account:-

1. Always add a phone number in the security information so that you can access your email if you lost or forgot your password. Often people forget this step while making an email account. 

2. Always add alternate email to your Gmail id. when you lost or your email got hacked. You can get back.  

One of the most effective methods is 2 Step Verification.

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What is 2 Step verification in Gmail:-

When you enable 2 step verification in Gmail. So next time when you try to log in from any browser or device in your Gmail account. You will receive an SMS on your provided mobile number. Which you have to enter on your Gmail Login.

It will be a huge advantage for you. No one can access your email id until they have access to your mobile.

How to Activate the 2- Step Verification in Gmail:-

Login into your email id:-

Click on your profile pic. You can find it on the top row left-hand side. Then Goto "Account".

The settings page will become to you. You will find Lot of things there. You will find the menu at the top.

Go to the "Security" tab in the menu. You will 2 step verification disable by default. You to enable it.

Click on the setup to enable. Then follow the instructions enter your mobile number also don't forget to enter a backup number when your primary number is not available also print or download codes to your computer it helps you when you don't have both the mobile or your mobiles are switched off.

It will ask for your phone number. You will get a code on your mobile. Put that code then 2 step verification will be active. Next time when you will log in. it will ask for a code you will get the code on your mobile you provided.

Always have back phone number and printable codes.

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