Friday 27 December 2013

Everyone want to add security in Windows. IF you are system administrator or you are simple user. Everone want security in their windows. So that no one can do any security breaches in windows. Today we will tell you how you can set Local Security Policy.

When someone try wrong password 3 times windows will Lockout the account for 30 minutes. Even you cannot Login in to that account . After 30 minutes you can login.

Steps to perform this operation :-

1. Open Run ( windows logo key + R) then type secpol.msc. Local security Policy will open.

We will apply for Account Lockout Policies.

Go to Account Policies > Account Lockout Policies then click on Account Lockout threshold set Account Lock out will after

Now set the time interval for it .

Now if any try 2 wrong tries your account will lockout for 10 minutes.

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