Monday 23 December 2013

Sometimes we forget or Lost our mobiles, Laptops. Our laptops and mobiles contain the Lot of data in their Hard disk , micro SD cards. Which contain the personal documents, pictures and other personal. Any one can do misuse of all these things.

So big factor comes in front of us is security . Because Lost laptop and mobiles can't get back. So we have to prepare for everything before it. You can track your lost mobiles and laptops anytime. Yes you can do it easily. You just have to Let you to track it remotely .

What are its benefits :-

You can Control your laptop remotely if it is connected to internet. You can easily delete the data so that people can't misuse. Even you can change your password , pattern code, access code remotely. Also you can note the ip address can get your laptop back .

How to do that .

We will software called Prey. It is project used for Anti theft to track stolen laptops and phones. You just have to download it from its official and just have to install it on your laptop or phone.

After installing configure it .

It will create also start tracking  your laptop .

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