Friday 27 December 2013

There are the 750 million users of the Google Chrome worldwide. Chrome is also one of the mostly used browser such as like Mozilla Firefox. Google chrome comes with lot of users. But there are some features in Google chrome. Mostly users lesser known about these features.

Here is the list of some features :-

Google Chrome Has Inbuilt Task Manager :-

Like Every Operating system Google Chrome has the Task Manager which let you control over the Plugins and Tabs running on the Google Chrome. If you want to shutdown any Plugin. You can simply can do with Google Chrome Task Manager.
You can do with shortcut "shift + Esc".

 You can perform Mathematical Operations on Google Chrome :-

You can perform all mathematical operation from google chrome. You can do this direct from Google chrome like this.

Even you can do Hard Refresh on Google chrome :-

Some pages don't refresh itself. Even you have to refresh the webpages yourself. Sometimes when you refresh the webpages but webpage don't show the updates. Google chrome has the feature called hard refresh . When you do hard refresh it ignores the cache history of browser and it will give you the all updates on the page.
 You can do this "ctrl + shift + r".

You can create guest user on Google chrome.

If other person want to use the your google chrome. You can create a guest user for that user so that he/she cannot seek your history. Go to settings > Users > Create New Users

Google Search :-

Even you want to search on Google . You can simply type on the browser address bar and will give you the Google search result.

You can control over the websites :-

You can control over the websites how it looked like . what you want in webpage or not . You can do this easily. You can off the java script whatever you want to do.

Notepad :-

While working or taking notes sometimes you have to switch to notepad. You can get notepad in Tab. You need to switch in any text editor. You can do with this simple code and extension too.

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