Tuesday 24 December 2013

You all are very much familiar about Google. Because Google is god for everyone. When someone want anything . They just need to Google it. It is one of the top search engine.

But if you are not familiar Google has some techniques which can let you search faster. But everyone is not known of it. Even these things can save your lot of time when you are searching on the Google.

Google has Lot of terms which can save your lot of time. if you don't know the terms you have to go through the tons of links or websites.

Here is the list of techniques :-

1. If you need definition of something or you want to search the meaning of some word. Don't search like nerd. Use technique to save your time.

example :-  "define yourword"

It will give you the direct result . You don't have to go though tons of links.

2. If you want to search time of country or current time . You can simply use the term to save your time.

example : "time india"

It will give you the exact time of the country you want. You don't need to check links.

3. If you want to search about some specific website or some specific links then you can simply use the term.

example :- "site: http://youwebsite.com"

It gives you the exact links of the website. Google will only give you specific website link.

You can check here it will give you only and only websites links.

4. Google is a calculator in itself. Even you can perform mathematical operations on the Google. Even it let you perform the scientifically operations too. You can use Google as a calculator.

example :- " 2 * 2"

it will give you exact answer with calculator.

5. If you want to find the exact type of file in the Google. You can do with this simple term.

example : "filetype: doc"

it will give you the exact file on the Google. You don't need to go through other files.

6. if you want to download the file with the exact name and extension . You can use this term

example : "intitle : "password" filetype: ".xls"

7. If you find the weather. You can do with this term.

example : "chandigarh weather"

You can find the exact weather of any city.

8. How to find your word in your url. You can do this easily.

example : "inurl : www.technicalbeats.co.in"

9. If you want to find index directory of website. You can do this with term.

example : "index of mp3"

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