Thursday 12 December 2013

URL shorteners are services that help us take long url's and make it short or transform into manageable Link or you can say it short Link .Because some website doesn't allow you to post more then 140 characters so you can post long URL there. Here comes the URL shorteners  helps you to overcome this problem . It short your URL into 200 characters. When you click on that URL it will redirect on original URL. URL shortener never exceed more then 200 characters.

Example URL :-

Here is the List of some websites which make your URL shorteners.


It is URL Shortener from Google. It is official website from Google.

It is Reliable Website. You can trust on this website.

It Shows Real time click analytic on  Hourly , Weekly, Daily, Monthly .


Real Time analytic. How many people click on your short Link.

it helps to increase your traffic

History Review

Sharing Functionality


Real Time Link Tracing

 It is available via website, browser extensions, mobile web.

it built traffic


Hide URL's - Preview
it has also a Preview Feature.
It is most used one .


It is  used for  Advertising Link
 Affiliate Links
it also Schedule you Tweets
It use their mobile micro-sites to drive traffic


Make URL's easier to read .
it make QR codes of shortened Links


it create Custom Links.
It gives you private detailed stats.
It has also a sharing features. 

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