Sunday 26 January 2014

If you have the blog and website you can earn money using affiliate programs from the different websites. There are the number of websites on the internet which let you earn commission on their each sale. Here is list of Web hosting websites which give you commission on their each sale. These are the best hosting websites.

You just have to get your tracking link from the website. Then place it on your website and blog.

Here is the List :-

1. Hostgator Affiliates

It is one of the best web hosting website.. Which let you install all the CMS in one click install. They offer $50 to $125 commission on their per sale.

2. Dreamhost Affiliates

It is also one of the web hosting providing website. Their rates are affordable. If you are blogger then this website is good for you. They are offering $97 on their per sale.

3. Bigrock Affiliates
You can their commission from their website. They are best web hosting provider in india.

4. Bluehost Affiliates
This is also one the best web hosting and domain website. They are offering $65 on their per sale. You just have to sign up . Then get your tracking link.

5. Godaddy Affiliates

You can buy domain and web hosting websites. Their are offering different commission. You can check on their website.

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