Monday 6 January 2014

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is big thing these days. If you are running a website and Blog then you must have knowledge about the SEO. Because everyone want their website on the top of Google and others search engines. SEO is the only smart way which let your website on the top of All search engines. If you don't have good SEO then your website and blog will not be more popular or cannot be searchable .

Tips to improve the SEO of your website and Blog :-

1. You must have the Meta tag in your website and blog. Because it will help to search engines to understand your website and blog.

2. There are the number which let you generate meta tags. You can take help from that websites and blogs.

3. Always choose the one best keywords in meta tags. before generating these search for the best keywords in Google.

4. If you are on Hosted wordpress and other you can choose inbuilt add-ons for SEO.

5. Add your website in the Google webmaster and Bing Webmaster. You don't need to add in yahoo. Because yahoo is using bing webmaster services.

6. Make backlinks to other websites.

Remember these keywords. It will help you improve SEO of your Website and Blog.

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Team Technical beats