Tuesday 7 January 2014

Server Administrator is a person who controls over the server and clients under the server. He has all information about the what clients are doing. Administrator can do any operation with the client. Today we will tell you some commands which let them perform the operations easily.

Here is the list of commands :-

1. How to enable/Disable firewall from the CMD. Administrator can perform this operation remotely to his client.

To Enable :- netsh firewall set opmode mode = ENABLE

To Disable :- netsh firewall set opmode mode = DISABLE

This netsh command also help administration to configure WLAN, IP Interface. You can even create virtual WiFi modem.

2. How to check which user is receiving or open the remote shared files.

Command :- openfiles(You must have the Administrative privileges)

3.  How to check? How many hosts are connected to internet

Command :- net view

it will display the names of the computers connected in LAN and Wi-Fi .

4. How to find the ip address from the Name of Computer ?

You can find both ip address Ipv4 and Ipv6 . But by default windows windows will reply with ipv6.

For ipv4 :- ping -4 "computer name"

For ipv6 :- ping -6 "computer name"

5. How to use shared drive or resource on LAN

Command :- net use p: //server name/Drive name or resource name

For e.g. :- net use p: //

6. How to configure remote computer services ?

You can use sc command to configure remote service.

Command :- sc [servername] Continue [Servicename]

7. How to find ip address from MAC ?

If You want to find ip address from MAC address you can do this easily ?

Command arp -a (it will give you list. Just check "DYNAMIC".

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