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List of windows shortcuts and commands

Here is the list of windows shortcuts. Which will help you a lot

Windows Logo key + R

It will open the Run the utility of windows.

Windows Logo key + E 

It will open My Computer or Explorer.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

It will open Task Manager.

Click on Icon then Press F2

It will let you rename your folder or file.

Windows Logo key + D

It will bring you on Desktop.

Windows Logo key + Pause Break

It will give My Computer Properties.

Click on Icon then Press Alt + Enter

it will give you properties of that folder

Windows Logo Key

It will give you a start menu.

Windows Logo key + M

It will minimize your Program.

Windows Logo key + Up Arrow key 

Restore your Current Windows

Windows Logo key + Left arrow key

Shift your windows to the Left side.

Windows Logo key + Right arrow key

Shift your windows to the right side.

Shift + del

Delete your item permanently without moving it to Recycle Bin.

Windows Logo key + Tab

Help you select the program (it will slide your programs).

Alt + Tab

Help you select the program.

Windows Logo key + F

To search files.


 It will help you refresh.

Ctrl + Esc

Open start menu


Open Help

Shortcut Commands for Run utility:-


Local User and Groups


Local Security Policy


Group Policy


Registry Editor


System Configuration




Open Calculator


command Prompt


Open Control Panel

control admintools

Administrative Tools

control keyboard

keyboard Properties

control netconnections

open network connections


open defragment tools


open Bluetooth transfer wizard


open internet explorer


Mozilla Firefox


 Google Chrome


it will open management controls


It will open the express wizard.


it will open Microsoft Windows Malicious Software removable tools


It will open Heart and Card Game.


Remote desktop


it will open Paint Brush


it will open event viewer


It will open services.


To open Microsoft Word


To open Microsoft Excel


To open Network Connections


To open Temporary Files Folders

Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts:-

Ctrl + Tab

To toggle between tabs or to select tabs.

Ctrl + J

To check your Downloads

Press Alt

To show or hide the menu.

Ctrl + Shift  + P

For Private Browsing.

Ctrl + Shift + Del

To delete browsing history

Ctrl + W

To Close the current Tab.

Ctrl + T

To open a new Tab.

Ctrl + N

To open New Windows.

Ctrl + L

To open Location.

Ctrl + O

To open Files

Ctrl + Shift + w

Close Windows

Ctrl + S

To save Pages

Ctrl + Shift + H

Show all history

Ctrl + Shift + B

To Bookmark the current page.

Ctrl + Shift + A

To open Add ons Windows.

Ctrl + Shift + T

Reopen closed Tab.

Chrome Shortcuts:-

Ctrl + n

It will open a New Window.

Ctrl + Shift + n

It will open an Incognito window.

Ctrl + Shift + t 

Re-open closed Tab.

Alt + Home

It will open the default Homepage in your current Tab.

Alt + Left Arrow

It will open the Previous page in the browsing history.

Ctrl + Tab

Switch to other Tabs.

Ctrl + Shift + w

It will close the current Tab.

Ctrl + Shift + b

It will hide or show a bookmark bar.

Ctrl + Shift + o

It will open the bookmark manager

Ctrl + h

 It will open browsing history Tab.

Ctrl + j

It will open Downloads page.

Shift + Esc

It will open Task Manager of Google chrome.

Ctrl + Shift + Delete 

Delete Browsing History Tab.

Ctrl + Shift + j / F12

It will open Developer option.

Ctrl + l / Alt + d / F6

It will let you jump to Address bar.

Ctrl + k

It will let you search on Google.

Ctrl + Shift + d

 It will bookmark all your opened tabs in the new folder.

Ctrl + 0

It will Reset zoom levels.

 This is not an end. But these shortcuts and commands will help you a lot.

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