Friday 10 January 2014

Today every browser has the tracking features in it. It means browser will save your browsing history of every website you visit. If you are in school , college and company they can easily check which website  you visited. Browser has the feature which will save website URL, timing etc.

But if you want safety so that no one track your browser history. We will give you solution of this problem. You easily do this. Because every browser is coming feature called Private browsing.

What is Private Browsing ?

If you are browsing in private feature of Browser then it will make any kind of history of your visited pages. It will not save any of visited pages. No tracking of your browsing. You can enjoy whatever you want.

How to get Private Browsing ?

1. Mozilla Firefox

open Mozilla Firefox then press Ctrl + Shift + P . it will open the Private browsing of Mozilla Firefox.

2. Google Chrome

open Google Chrome the press Ctrl + Shift + N. it will open the private browsing.

3. Internet Explorer

open internet explorer the press Ctrl + Shift + P. it will the in private browsing in internet explorer.

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