Thursday 9 January 2014

There are the number of video sharing websites on the internet. But some of popular which is mostly used. Here is the List of top 10 popular video sharing websites. Which let you share your video and make it viral.

1. YouTube

It is one of the most popular websites and also one of the largest website.You can watch and download video from this website.

Alexa Rank :- 3

2. Netflix

it is also one the good video sharing platform. It has the lot of features you would like to check. You can watch tv shows on this website.

Alexa Rank :- Global :- 97, Country Wise :- 23

3. Yahoo Screen

It is the service from the yahoo. which is also the largest video sharing platform for you. You can enjoy any kind of video from here.

Alexa Rank :- Global Ranking ;- 4, Country Wise :- 4

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is also the largest video sharing website. It is also getting popular these days.

Alexa Rank :- Global Rank :- 101, Country Wise :- 71

5. Daily Motion

In Daily Motion you will get the mostly music videos . You can upload and you can watch the videos.

Alexa Rank :- Global Rank :- 96, Country Wise :- 158

6. Hullu

You will find Tv serials and movies on this website. Even you can upload the videos on it.

Alexa Rank :- Global Ranking :- 292, Country Wise:- 69

7. Break

You will find here funny videos, Funny Clips and Funny pictures. You can upload here if you have any funny clip.

Alexa Rank :- Global Ranking :- 1,531, Country Wise:- 784

8. Vevo

it is not available in India. But you watch their videos on YouTube.

Alexa Rank :- Global Ranking :- 400, Country Wise :- 700

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