Sunday 19 January 2014

Windows passwords gives you security which stops others to stop using your computer/Laptop in your absence. But sometimes if you forget your password. So if you need your computer back you need password recovery tools so that you can enter into windows. Here is the list of some good tools which let you help alot to recover your windows password recovery tools.

1. l0phtcrack
it is one of best windows password recovery tool which help you alot. You just have to burn it in cd. then you can boot it from cd and follow these steps.

2. Active Password Changer

Active Password changer is the very small tool. You don't need to burn it any cd. You just have to copy into Pendrive. Then boot your pendrive and follow the steps.

3. PC Login Now

Pc Login now is also one of the good password recovery tool. Which let you recover your forget password of windows. You just have to burn into cd.

4. Kon Boot

Kon boot is one of the best password bypassing tool. Which let you use the windows without even break the password. You can burn into pendrive.

5. ophcrack
It works on the Windows, Linux, Mac. You just have to burn into cd. Then boot from cd and follow the steps.

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