Friday 10 January 2014

Blogging is getting popular these days. There is a number of blogs are available on a number of topics. You can search from Google. There are a lot of Platforms available on the internet which let you create a blog. But one of the most of popular blogging platform which is mostly in use these days that is called WordPress. But remember is also available which lets you create a blog on it. but go for it. Because it is not good. It is limited.

We are talking about the self-hosted WordPress platform. Which gives you the freedom to blogging in one good way. Because you can install in one click from web hosting. There is a number of web hosting websites available which let you install Self Hosted WordPress with one click.

Why Self Hosted WordPress is Better?

1. Flexibility:- Self-hosted WordPress gives you flexibility which let you gives you the freedom to manage your blog like you want. You don't need any permission like other blogs' websites. You can customize it like you want. You can update your version. Even there is more flexibility on the hosting with a lot of features.

2. Plugins:- One of the cool features of the Self-hosted WordPress is Plugins. There is a number of Plugins available on the internet. Which let you do a number of cool things Like SEO, comment checking spam or not, Picture. These Plugins will improve the SEO of your Blog. You don't need to know How to optimize the SEO of your website.

3. SEO: - You can customize your blog. So that your blog will be SEO-friendly. You can link between the posts and pages easily in WordPress easily. WordPress blogs are customized by default for search providers on Bing, Yahoo, and Google other search engines.   

There are a lot of websites available on the internet which let you install WordPress in one click install options. You can sign up for that web hosting. But If you want Low rates you can go for Bluehost. This web hosting has cheap rates and also gives you good services for Self Hosted WordPress Blog.
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You can choose the other Web Hosting websites Check here  Self Hosted WordPress Blogger Web hosting Websites.

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