Sunday 23 August 2015

Android is very popular operating system these days. Today every mobile is coming with the latest version of android. Android has lot of apps on Google play you can download as per your requirement. But main thing is file sharing. In old we use Bluetooth to share files from one mobile to other mobile. But in android we have lot of apps which let you transfer data with fast speed. As we all know Bluetooth speed was good for small files but not got for large files like 1GB etc. Here i am listing some best apps on the which let you share your apps, Songs, Pictures, Movies etc. with your friends with the speed of Light. Actually some of these apps use wireless card to transfer files without any interruption. You can download these files from the " Google Play". You just have to search the name of the app in Google play. You will find the app and download in your mobile.

Here is the List. These are the top Apps in Android everyone is using these days.

1. Shareit . 
Share is one of the App in android for file sharing. Everyone has shareit in his android for sharing large and small files. You can also send installed apps from your system.  You can send  your files from the Mobile on your computer too.

2. Xender
Xender is also one of the good file sharing app in android. It also transfer file use wireless technology. You can use it for sharing large and small files.

3. Sunshine

Sunshine is also good app. You can share your photos, files and apps from your android. You can download it from the Google Play.

4.  Send Anywhere

Send  anywhere is also one of the good app in android. Peoples also use this app for send large files in the phone. it is not smart like Shareit. But it is useful.

5. WeTransfer
it is also one of the Good app. You can use it for sharing your files and movies with friends. 

These all apps have some similar features.   If you like this post then share it with your friends.


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