Monday 7 September 2015

Normally you create User Account with control panel also you want change group with Local Users and Groups. But if you are administrator you must have knowledge about these commands. You can create users and also change group with cmd(command prompt). Let's see how you can change

Note : You must have administrator privileges to perform this operation.

Steps How to do :-

1. Open cmd with Run as Administrator.

2. Now we have to create user with cmd. You have use this command "net user [username] /add". You can check new user with " net user" command.

3. Now lets check Group of the user. You have to use this command "net user [username]" Localgroup might be second last.

4. Now lets change the group first we have to delete the existing group. User this command "net localgroup [groupname] [username] /del". You can check group is deleted or not by this command "net user [username]"

5.  Now let add the group. You can check existing group by this command "net localgroup". We ll add our new user to administrators group. Use this command "net localgroup [groupname] [username] /add". You can check added group by this command " net user [username]".

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