Wednesday 2 September 2015

LAN Sharing is one of the Good method to transfer files between two computers or between computer and mobile. Yes you can do Lan sharing on your Android. You can copy anything from your laptop also you can copy your mobile data to your Laptop.

Requirement :- You have to download and ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.
You have to on the HOTSPOT to connect your laptop with your android mobile. Please both Laptop and mobile must be in same network for sharing.

ES File Explorer one of the best file explorer in Android. You can do lot of operation in it. It is not simple file Explorer. It has other tools Also. You can Open Rar files in it. Check How to open Rar files.

Steps How to do :-
Share You drive and Folder in your Laptop.
1. Download and install ES File Explorer From Google play store.
2. Open ES File Explorer. Click on The LAN.

3. Now click on Search . It will search the LAN computers.

4. Now you can check laptop is found in ES File Explorer. Now you can access your Laptop from ES File Explorer

5. Enter Username and Password of Your Computer to enter in.

6. Now you can access all the contents in Your Laptop. You can copy in your mobile also you can copy your data from your mobile.

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