Tuesday 22 September 2015

Well everyone has installed windows from Pendrive. But today I'll tell you how you can install windows on Pendrive. You can boot the computer from a Pendrive and enjoy windows on USB. Yes, you can install this easily. You need some software that will let you install windows on Pendrive.

install windows in pendrive or usb

Steps How to do:-

1. You need Pendrive at least 16GB
2. Need a List of software. You can Download this Software From the Following Website.
(a) RM_PrepUSB (optional)
(b) NT 6.X Fast installer
(c) Microsoft WAIK for windows7 or Windows WAIK Tools
(d) Windows 7 ISO File
(e) Virtual iso drive to mount windows 7 iso file

You can download this software from this website:- RM PrepUSB

Now perform these steps:-

 1. First Insert your Pendrive and perform this operation with RM_Prep USB software.

This Screenshot is taken from their website Rmprepusb.com

 2. After Download all the software. You will get the WAIK folder from the WAIK downloads tool. Now if you are installing 64bit then copy the x64 folder of all files into NT 6.X Fast install.

 3. Now in NT 6.X Fast install Folder Run installer.bat with Run as administrator.

 4. It will show you cmd. Now follow the steps as per instructions. Press Enter to continue.

 5. Choose install.wim file from Windows 7 ISO file. It may be located in DVD/Sources Folder

 6. Choose Which Version of windows you want to install.

 7. It will ask the Letter of your USB to enter the correct letter.

 8. It will ask it is USB enter Y as a yes.

 9. Now your process will start it will take some time to let it be 100%. After you can enjoy windows from USB.

Note:- If it giving an error while opening an installer.bat. Missing file "bootsect" then you can copy this file from your windows 7 iso file it may be located in DVD windows7/Boot/bottstect.

If you find any difficulties feel free to comment us. We will give you the solution to your problem. If you find it helpful please share it with your friends.


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