Wednesday 23 September 2015

Windows has ability to schedule tasks. You can schedule your tasks or job. This scheduling will help you to run any program at the time you want to. In previous versions of windows "At" command help you to schedule tasks but in Windows 7 at is replaced by schtasks. You can use "At" command in Windows 7 but your task will not be interactive with the desktop of logged in user so you need to use schtasks command in the windows. You can use to schedule tasks. You can use it to run program only once, after some minutes etc. I ll tell how you can use this command.

Steps How to do :-

In Previous versions you can use "at" instead of "schtasks"

Suppose we want to run notepad at 11:00 Am so we will use this command

 Command :-

C:\> at 11:00 /interactive notepad

In Windows 7 Use this command :-

We have run Notepad only once :-

Command :-

C:\> schtasks /create /sc once /st 11:00 /tn "Notepad" /tr notepad

Sc :- Schedule Type minute, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once, Onstart, Onlogon, Onidle
Create :- To create a task
St :- Start time
TN :- Task Name
TR :- Task RUn

/s Specify remote computer ip address

Now your Notepad will run at 11:00 Am only once.

If you want to check your is created or not you can use this command :-
We have to type our taskname which we have created. 

Command :-

C:\> schtasks /query /tn "Notepad"

If you want to delete this Task :-

Command :-

C:\> schtasks /delete /tn "Notepad"

This Command will let you run task only once. But if you want your task every 2 minutes. then you have to use this command.

Command :-

C:\> schtasks /create /sc minute /mo 2 /tn "Notepad" /tr notepad

MO :- Modifier species

Now you task will run intervals of 2 minutes.

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