Thursday 3 September 2015

In Android You can use internet in your laptop via Hotspot. You laptop can be connect via WiFi card. But what about the desktops and those computers does not have any WiFi card in it. Here USB cables comes very handy. You can connect your mobile with computer and copy your data also you can charge your mobile. In old days we can use internet from mobile by Some PC suites. It means when we want to use internet we need PC Suits. But in Android if you want to use internet you don't need any pc suite you cannot do it without any software.

Steps How to do :-

1. Go to settings --> More it may be under Data usage as per your phone configuration.

2. You ll find Portable and Tethering option Click on it.

 3. When your Phone is connected with usb. You ll find USB Tethering option Enabled. You just have to on it. Then it took sometime. After that you can enjoy internet from your android without any pc suite.

Now you can enjoy the Internet of your mobile in your desktop.

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