Wednesday 2 September 2015

App lock is one of the popular Application in Android. You can lock apps what you want. But There is one clean master to boost your device etc. Clean Master also has tool which let you lock the apps with the clean master. It works like App lock too. You just have to download Clean Master. But some mobile pre loaded coming with clean master App.

Requirements :- Download and install Clean Master App.

Steps How to do it :-

1. Install Clean Master open it Go to Tools in bottom Taskbar.

2. You ll see a menu with lot of option. Slide download and you ll find app lock there.

3. Click on the AppLock  and click on the apps you want to lock. Then click on Protect. Next time if anyone access your app then he or she must know password or pattern lock.

If you already have app and tools is not available at bottom then Update it from Google Play store.  IF you find any difficulties feel free to comment us. We will give you solution of your problem. If you find it interesting share it with your friends.


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