Friday 4 September 2015

Well Laptop comes with wlan card which let you use WiFi connection. You can connect to internet without any LAN cable. WiFi makes everyone life easy you can sit any where in house and enjoy internet without any LAN cable. You Just need Internet Connection also need WiFi router. Sometimes person only have dongle in his or her laptop no one can use internet except that person. But you know you can share your internet connection. It does not matter you are connecting with dongle, Mobile via usb still you are able to share your any type of internet connection. Here i have small piece of software which will help you to share your internet connection. Specialty of the software you can control connected users also you can block the unwanted connected clients. You can check client IP address etc.

1. My Public WiFi

Visit this website and download the software and settings as you want. Now click start hotspot. You can check your mobile and another laptop check SSID with name MyPublicWifi. You can use your favorite SSID.

There are lot of software's available on the internet you can Google them.

If you find any difficulties feel free to comment us. We will give you solution of your problem. If you find it helpful please share it with your friends.


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