Saturday 10 October 2015

Well these days usb or pendrives are very much common. Everyone is using pendrive  instead of Cd's & Dvd's . You can carry your data anywhere. But you know you can also install windows with pendrive. You don't need any Cd or Dvd. You just need to make pendrive bootable then your pendrive is ready to install windows in any computer where you want to. You can make your pendrive bootable without any device if you want you can check this How make pendrive bootablt bootable without any software for windows 7

But i have list of best software's which will help you to make your pendrive bootable. You just need to download tools.

1. Yumi Multiboot 
This is the best tool you can use it for linux. You can also make other tools bootable with this tools.

2. Microsoft Windows USB/DVD download tool

This tool is officially from Microsoft. You can use to make your pendrive bootable. You can make windows bootable.

3. Win to Flash
You can use this tools for windows too.

4. X boot
Xboot is also best tool for make your pendrive bootable. You can multi boot your operating system with this tool.

5. Koala USb

Koala is also good make your windows bootable.

6. Rufus

You can use rufus too if you are making bootable USB for windows 10.

If you find any difficulties feel free to comment us. If you find it helpful please share it with your friends.


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