Thursday 1 October 2015

This is very common problem in Android mobiles. Sometimes when we connect our phone via USB but phone does not show USB connection notification icon.

Why It happens :-

1. Sometimes our computer or Laptop got restart or shutdown while mobile connected it via USB.
2. We disable our USB functions to charger only then our USB notification icon won't show in Android.

USB Notification

How to solve this Problem :-

1. If your Phone is not showing up in computer.

Solution :- You can solve this problem easily. You just need to enable USB Debugging in your then remove your Cable insert it again it will solve your mobile. If you want to know how to enable Developer mode on Android Lollipop then read this :- How to enable usb debugging in Android Lollipop

2. If your Phone won't show USB Computer Connection Menu option then

Solution :-  You can Go to Menu easily. Go to Settings > Storage You will see three Dots Top- Right hand side. First connect your phone via USB then click on USB connected. You will get your menu Now you can change your Phone Connection. You want charge only , Media Device etc.

3. When you connect your Phone via usb. Nothing has happened there is no notification in phone and in computer too.

Solution : This is the Worst case. You can try for reset for nothing will work. Your problem will remain same after so many times.

In this when your try to access USB connection Menu. When you click on it No menu will appear you can't do anything.

Please carefully perform 4 & 5 step. This step will solve your All problems.

Steps to solve it :-

1. You may need ADB & USB drivers. You install it first before performing the operation. You can get these drivers with your ROM & SP tools. You can download from any website. Please install only if other Pre Loaded driver failed to install only.

2. First Connect your phone with USB. Now switch off your phone but don't disconnect the USB from it. After switching off your phone your phone will automatically start because USB is connected.

3. Now Go to Settings > Storage Find three dots at Top- Right side click on it then Drop down menu will come USB connection Click on it. You Menu will appear.

4. If your Phone is by default selected "Charge only" change it to "Media Device (MTP)". Nothing will Happen don't worry.

5. Now your phone is connected as "Media Device(MTP)" change it to "Chanrge Only". Now you can see your USB Computer Connection come back on your phone.

6. Now click on the the USB connection Notification then change your Phone as "Media Device", Camera Device what ever you want.

If you still find any difficulties feel free to comment us . We will give your solution of your problem. If you find it helpful please share with your friends.


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