Friday 3 February 2017

Hi Friends, Today i will share list of Funny Face changes Apps in Android. You can change your Face or Your Friends Face by Facing camera. You can have fun with these Applications. Here is the List.


You can make Funny Faces by Facing Camera in this app. This app is official from Facebook. You can make Video as well as you can click Still Photos with Funny Faces.

2. Face Camera - Snappy Photo

You can make also Make Funny Faces in this Android App. This app is from Fotoable Inc.

3.  Face & Emoji

You can make Funny Faces as well as you can use emoji in this app. This app is also from Footable Inc,

4. Face Changer 2

You can Turn any of photo into a funny photo. This app is from scoompa.

5. Faces Swap

You can swap faces of two peoples with this app. This app is from Dexati.

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