Tuesday 22 December 2020

 You should remember these things before start Blogging 

Well, this word Traffic plays an important role if you are a blogger. We will talk about Blogs only. Everyone wants more and more traffic on A blog, especially for new bloggers. For traffic, you need to work every day on your blog. It’s not one day game so if you are serious about blogging you have to spend time on a Blog. First of all, think are you really serious about what you are writing on a blog you must have good knowledge about what you are writing on your blog don’t do copy and paste work on your blog. Always comfortable with the language you are using for your blog. It is not like that you have to work on your blog only in English is not compulsory you can write a blog in your native language too it is not like that only English will engage the audience your native language can too. So before starting you should think about these things first. After starting your blog don’t go for Traffic & Money on your first 4 -5 blog posts. You should publish at least 10-15 quality blogs so that google can trust your blog and rank it. It will take the time you will not get on the first day or within one month. In the starting days of blogging your focus should be only on the quality of posts if you have the quality of posts, Google will definitely Rank it.

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Important tips for New Bloggers

  • Decide your niche and Language first don’t go after someone if someone is doing in English you will also do in English always use language in which you are comfortable. (Don’t do work looking at someone)
  • Always research your topic you are posting. Don’t do copy & paste work. Publish 10-15 Quality posts. Spend time on your blog then think about traffic then think about money. (Be Patient, Empires Are Not Built In a day)
  • Decide your Platform if you want to go for Free then Choose Blogger if you want better and you can spend money on blogging then you should go for WordPress.
  • Always take the help of keyword Planner there are a number of free keyword planners, you can search on google. Keyword plays an important role in rank on Google (Free Keyword Planner (WordStream))
  • Always write an article with a Good SEO score you can use free trial of a tool like SEMRUSH to check the SEO score of your Article free tools also available on Google ( Free SEO Score Checker Small Seo Tools ).

 Websites to share your Blog Posts after publishing it (Drive Traffic to your Blog)

After writing a quality post you should share it on Social Media and some other websites I will mention all of the following down.

  • Quora (You can use Quora for device traffic on your blog. Start Answer questions related to your niche in the answer you can do backlinking you can share the link. Always give genuine answers do not start spamming over there otherwise they will definitely block your account.)
  • You can blog with Good Traffic. You can write a guest post on that blog which will drive traffic to your Blog. 

For your Motivation:- When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. 

At last, I have shared the best of my knowledge. if you are looking for instant traffic on your blog then you can leave this article as soon as possible. Always Remember Success Don’t Come Overnight. Everything takes time so don’t think you will get it in one day. Don’t stop blogging if you are not getting traffic and money stick to your Goal and work on it. Always find new ways if one is not working but don’t change your Goal you will definitely get success one day. 

If my efforts made you motivate and if it helps you drive traffic on your blog please share its posts with your friends. 


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