Sunday 27 December 2020

FTP Tool for Android to transfer data to Laptop 

Today I will share an alternative of ES Explorer FTP server for mobile. There is one app on the Google play store. You just need to download FTP Tool from the Google play store it is just 2.2MB in size. it has a simple UI you can easily use this app to transfer data from your phone to your Laptop or PC. You just need to enable the hotspot of your mobile and then connect your Laptop or pc with it then start the FTP server from the app on mobile. Now you will be able to access data on your mobile you can download it on your laptop or pc. it is easy to use must try it. You don't need to download any client on your laptop or pc. it has a free as well as premium version available.

1. Download FTP Tool:- Wifi Hotspot File Transfer

2. Now open the app. Before proceeding further you need to enable Hotspot of Mobile and Connect your laptop and Pc on your wifi hotspot. if your mobile and laptop or pc are already connected to the same wifi or network you need to enable the hotspot of your mobile. Now switch to the app click on start. FTP server will start. 

2. Now go to your Laptop or pc browser. open the same link that is mentioned on your app for e.g. Now you will able to access the data of your mobile. You can download any image or file you want. 

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