Monday 14 December 2020

Well Today Mobile is one of essential thing in today's digital Life. If you have mobile you must have mobile number too. Commonly if you want to buy a mobile number you have to visit Mobile number  subscriber like (Airtel, Vodafone, Jio) you have to submit your KYC documents company then you can buy physical or esim of these subscriber. But you know there are virtual numbers also available over internet you don't need to submit any document you can buy these numbers without any document. You can use these virtual numbers as your business number and if you don't want to share your personal number to anyone you can share these virtual number. Well there are Paid as well as free subscriptions are also available on internet. I will share both paid as well free number websites and apps.

Where you can use virtual number ?

1. You can use it on what's app also on other social platforms 
2. You can receive and make calls on virtual number
3. You can receive text messages as well you can sent test messages too. 

Lets Talk About some premium apps

1. Numero ( Numero Esim )

You can visit on their website as well you can download their app on android and IOS. After download this app you just need to Register with your mobile number then you can find virtual number for you Like USA or other countries too. it costs you Rs. 250 (Indian Rupee) . You can pay through Google Play store payment option they will renew your number on every month until you can their subscription from Google Play Store. you can use same number of What's app or other social sites too. They have social network number too you can buy too. Their support service is too Good you will get prompt response from their support team. If you want to call from their number you have to buy calling data same is applicable for Text Messages too. Every Number has its own cost. You can check it on app.

2. 2nd Line US Phone Number ( 2nd Line - US Phone Number )

You can download their app android as well as on IOS. After downloading you can choose Free Trial as well as Paid Subscription. In Paid subscription you get unlimited texts to US & Canada. You can use this number for what's app too. But it is costly subscription. Their support is also Good. 

Lets Talk about Free Virtual Number 

1. If you want free number for what's app then you can use this website there are virtual number mentioned on website you can use these number to verify your what's app. You just need to visit website choose one number from list now enter in What's app now for Verification code you need to visit on their website click on Read SMS. You will get your verification code over there. Now you can use this number anonymously. You cannot use this number for calling and text. For calling you can use paid subscriptions. There are free calling apps available on internet you can find it play store.

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