Monday 21 December 2020

How to start Blogging?

Well, Blogging is one of the Good platforms if you are an Article writer or someone who is not too technical. Blogging is for everyone anyone can start their blog. There are free platforms as well as paid platforms are available on the internet. You can use both of these. But I suggest if you are new to the blog and you want some experience with blogging. You should start with a free platform. It will give you the experience of how you can work on the blog as soon as you got a professional you can move to another platform that is paid.


How many platforms are available for Blogging?

Well, there are two most popular platforms are available on the internet. One is free and one is paid. 

  • Blogger (Free)
  • WordPress (Paid)


This is a free platform provided by Google. You don’t need to buy anything. It will give you a subdomain as well. You just need an Email on Gmail that’s what you need. You just have to log in on then you can start your blog. Please find the steps to start a blog.

  • Choose your Niche first (You can write a blog in Both English and Hindi whatever your preferred language)
  • You must have a valid Gmail id. If you don’t have then create it first ( ).
  • Visit then login with your valid Gmail id.
  • Enter the name of your Blog it must be decided.

  • blogging

  • Choose your Subdomain (Well you can buy a customized domain from any hosting site like Go daddy etc. You can attach it with Blogger)

  • Blogging

  • Now you will be redirected to your Blogging panel you can control anything from this panel. You can post your Article, change setting check stats from there, etc.  

  • blogger

You can Find Video Tutorial Here in Hindi (Blogger)

Two more topics related to Blogger 


If you want to go for a Paid platform you can choose WordPress. But before proceeding there is don’t go for it because you will find too many restrictions over there. You always have to choose to host with one click install WordPress. Please find the steps to start a blog on WordPress.

  • You need to buy a Domain and Hosting First. Well, there is a number of companies that are providing hosting and domain in a single package. You can buy a domain and Host from there.
  • Some cheap hosting available at like (Buy Here:- India , BluehostA2Hosting )
  • Now login into the Hosting Panel. You will see the number of platforms over there you have to choose WordPress.
  • Now create an Admin Username and password for WordPress (Password should be a combination of Lower case, upper case, Special characters, numeric characters).
  • After that, you will in WordPress Panel. Now you can choose your theme, plugins, etc. 
  • Soon I will share the Full Tutorial of WordPress on Youtube. 
  • You can buy Hostinger international:- Hostinger International

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