Thursday 24 December 2020

 What is Affiliate Marketing?

 There are a lot of companies are selling their products on the internet. To generate sales companies do affiliate marketing. Companies will give you a commission on every sale if you help them to sell their products. You just need to sign up for that company affiliate program then after activation of the account you need to generate links, Text, Text + images. You can share these products on social media pages etc. If the company gets sales from your generated link you will get a commission on that product. These are peoples are earning a good income from affiliate marketing. You don’t need to spend money on this business you just need a medium where you can share your generated links.

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How you earn from an affiliate marketing program?

  • You can share your affiliate links if you Blog with good traffic. Don’t share the link directly in your blog section first create a quality post about a product you want to sell now you can share the product link over there. It will help you to sell products. Always mentions links related to your niche don’t go over beyond your niche. You can make coupon websites where you can share discounted links over there.
  • You can share products on Social Media Platforms. Suppose you have a page with a good base of followers you can share products related to your Facebook page niche. It will help you to generate sales. You can create a group to your related niche on Facebook you can share your product over there.
  • You can make what’s app groups you can share products over there which can help you to generate sales over there. Suppose you are a techy guy you can recommend your friends mobile phones, computer accessories you can share the link too which help you to earn a commission.
  • Some peoples also use Quora to use generate sales but always be genuine on Quora otherwise quora will ban you for spamming on their platform.

Platforms providing Affiliate Programs (As per my niche I will share only Technical affiliates you can search others on Google)

For your Motivation:- Never Give Up because great things take time.

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