Tuesday 5 January 2021

 Today I'll share top typing websites with you. Where you can do Hindi typing, Punjabi Typing, Urdu. You can use these websites for your daily use or if you have a blog or website where you write in Hindi. This website will be beneficial to you. So Let's start.

Top Typing Websites

1. Google Input Tools

Google has its own input tools. It has a variety of languages you can use this tool to type in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu also other languages. You just have to input in the English tool will itself change the language to your selected language. It is a very helpful tool to type an article in your desired language without downloading the font of that language. 

1. https://punjabi.indiatyping.com/

Here you can use this website to type in Punjabi. You must have basic knowledge of Punjabi. You just need to type in English it will convert into Punjabi itself. You can find other various things related to Punjabi here. You can download them too. 

2. https://www.easyhindityping.com/

You can use this website to type in Hindi. You just have to type in English it will convert to Hindi. This website also will help you translate from Hindi to English. It will also help you to translate Hindi to Marathi. You can also Free Hindi Fonts, Free Nepali Fonts, Free Marathi Fonts. This website will help if you have a Hindi Blog. 

3. https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/urdu.htm

You can use this website for Urdu Typing. This is a Multilanguage website. It provides you with typing in various languages. You can choose yourself. It has also the same feature you have to type in English it will convert Urdu itself only. 

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