Monday 25 January 2021

 What is Domain and Website Hosting? 

Domains and Hosting are the most essential parts of a website or Blog. If you want to start a website or blog. You need two things the first one is domain and the second is web hosting. There are too many web hosting companies offering cheap domains and hosting these days. Even most companies are providing 1-year free Domain with Hosting. Today we will talk about domain names and Hosting. 

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What is Domain Name:

On the internet, if you want to access something on the internet, then the user must have an IP address of a particular website or another network resource. We cannot remember the IP address of every website so Paul Mockapetris invented the Domain Name System in 1983. Using the Domain Name System we don’t need to remember IP addresses, we just need to type domain names then the DNS server will automatically convert domain names to IP addresses.

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How to choose a domain name:- 

Your domain name should be unique. If you are targeting a particular country you should choose a domain name that ends with country code for e.g. if you want a target audience from India you should choose a domain

If you want to target a global audience you should go for domains

How to a free domain and hosting?

If you want to get a free domain name then you can check the website But you cannot get free domains like .com, .net, .org. You will get domains like .tk, .xyz like this.

If you are using blogger and WordPressdotcom you may get hosting and subdomain free on both of these platforms. But if you are serious about blogging then you must use the professional domain for your blog.

What is Web Hosting:- 

Web hosting is also one of the essential parts of a Website or Blog. For instance, you want to build a house for yourself so for building a house you need land. You cannot build a house without buying land. Same for websites or blogs, you need to buy a space to upload files. This is what we call hosting.

Types of Hosting:- 

  • Shared Hosting  
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Cloud Hosting 
  • WordPress Hosting
List of  Websites to buy Hosting and Domains:-

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