Saturday 28 December 2013

Well if you are running a blog or website. you may be very much familiar about the Google adsense. Because everyone love to earn money from their website or blog. These days if you have website or blog means you have the lot of programs to earn money online. But Google Ad sense is the Higher paying platform to bloggers or websites. But if you got rejected or your Google Ad sense account is disabled. Don't worry about it . We have the other alternative of Google Adsense. You can simply Go for Yahoo adsense.

Yahoo adsense is also one the Good platform to earn money from the blog. If you blog or website have good content and good traffic. Then you will surely get approval from the yahoo adsense.

Features of the Yahoo and Bing Ads :-

1. Yahoo and Bing Network gives you the relevant as your content on the Blog and Website.
2. Top Brand Advertiser
3. You can block not so relevant ads.
4. You will get good income.
5. You can customize your ads Like your taste.

Approval of Account :-

Yahoo and Bing Network also giving chance to the average blogger to earn money. They don't have to much policies. Your Blog Must have 300 to 500 Page views Daily. Their process of approval is too slow due to receiving of too much applications for advertisement. You will get their reply with in one week. Daily Check your mail.

How much i get paid in Yahoo and Bing Ads :-

Yahoo and Bing network ads pay you $0.002 for per click.

How to Apply :-

You can apply from here :- Click me to Apply

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