Thursday 9 January 2014

Blogging is getting popular these. Today lot of people has blog on the various topics. Some people are choosing, some are on Self hosted WordPress. There are the lot web hosting websites available on the internet which let you install the self hosted WordPress on the hosting. We are listing the web hosting websites. Which has the feature called one click install software's like WordPress, Joomla, Druple.

Here is the list of websites :-

This website giving service which let you install these CMS(Content Management System) in one click install option. It is better for the bloggers.

2. BlueHost

You can even earn from that website. If you refer it to your friend. You will get commission from them.





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Team Technical Beats


  1. A best web hosting provider must provide this feature along with the web hosting plan. Best web hosting companies

  2. 1 Click Apps are also called as Content Management systems(CMS), here is a list of best CMS hosting or 1 click install web hosting