Wednesday 14 October 2015

This is very important if you don't want to your computer get corrupt or messed up with any booting issue. Booting issues can come up any time. You always to have prepare for these things. Windows have every solution of problem. You just need to aware about these Things. Always create system repair system disc so that next you not have worry about these issues.

What is the Benefit of these things :-

1. You don't need to install new operating system every time.
2. You can recover your old operating system.
3. You can solve all the booting issue with it.

How to make this disk :-

1. Click on Start Menu then type in search "Backup and Restore".

2. Click on Backup and Restore then click on create a system repair disc.
3. Insert your new DVD then click create disc. It will take some time and your disc will ready. Next time if you found any issue then boot your pc with system repair disc solve your booting issues.

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