Thursday 31 December 2020

Tips on How to stay safe online

Today's Digital Era. The Internet takes over everything like shopping, recharges, bill payments, etc. If we talk about a few years ago. We had to go to the market to do all things, but as time is getting advanced, Everything is getting digital. You can do anything on the internet. But as the internet is growing cybercrime is also growing. You have to be aware of everything you are doing on the internet. Here are some points you should always remember while you are using the internet.

Tips on Cyber Security

  • Always have antivirus on your Laptop or pc before surfing on the internet. Because without antivirus your devices are attracting viruses. There are a number of viruses available on the internet like Malware, RAT (remote administration tools) like Trojan antivirus, Ransomware virus, worms, Keyloggers, browser hijackers, etc. These viruses can come through email attachments, website download, free software merged with viruses. Before doing any financial transaction you should use your own laptop or mobile and also use your own mobile network or broadband fibers. Don’t do it on public networks, cyber cafes because any can hijack internet traffic using man in the middle attack. Let's talk about another scenario that is not possible in this digital world. Your laptop or pc don’t connect to the internet, still, it is attracting viruses. Still, viruses can spread through external devices like pen drives, memory cards, etc. So always have antivirus if you don’t want to go for the paid subscription you can install free versions of antivirus. If you are working on Linux then you don’t worry windows viruses don’t work on it. Be aware of this while using patches. 
  • If you are surfing the internet on Android, IOS mobiles. Frauds can also happen to mobiles too. You should always download or install apps from their respective stores like Google play store and Apple store only. Don’t install apps from external sites that apps can harm your devices. From time to time scan your android device with an internal scanner for harmful apps. Well, the windows virus doesn’t harm Android because Android is based on the Linux kernel and IOS is based on BSD Unix. Always use default messaging, calling apps because other apps can read your messages and calling list too. Your device should be password protected. 

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  • Let’s talk about some financial transactions. If you are doing transactions on your laptop or pc ( Windows OS) always on your network also you must have antivirus before doing any transaction. Before visiting any Banking websites, the website always has HTTPS if the website does not have an HTTPS connection don’t visit that website. If you are doing any financial transaction from a mobile you should download or install apps from Google play store and Apple store only. These days everyone is using UPI for transactions frequently, always remember you don’t need a UPI pin to receive any money. UPI pins are always used for sending money only. Don’t set the same pin for every account. Don’t respond to fake callers because the bank will never ask you for these. Also, one more important thing if you have a contactless Debit card or Credit card. In India transaction contactless limit is 2000 to 5000 without a pin. So always be aware of these cards before doing transactions on POS machines, always check the entered amount on it. Do transactions yourself, don't give your card to others. 

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  • Don’t use weak passwords like your name, names of cities, easy names. Always choose passwords combination of Upper case + Lower case + Numeric keywords + Special characters ( For e.g.:- $0m3th!ng@#@!@). Change your passwords periodically. Also, don’t set UPI pins like 1234 or 4321. 
  • Always scan Emails Attachments before downloading them to your laptop or pc. 
  • Don’t believe in downloading everything that is free. 
  • You should download Free Antivirus from their respective websites.
  • While surfing on the internet you should use VPN add ons on chrome, firefox, Tor browser for your safety. 
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  • If you download and install different software and try. I would suggest installing VMware or Oracle VM (Virtual Machines). Now try every software on the VMware machine. If any software contains a virus it will affect only your VM OS, not your laptop OS. 
  • Don’t click on misleading links on social networks you could be a victim of Phishing. Always enter your username and password on a genuine site and don't enter your credentials on a link given by someone. 
  • Don’t save passwords on the browser of public computers. If you want to save passwords in browsers you should do it on your own laptop. Also, you can use a primary password or master password to secure saved usernames and passwords on Mozilla firefox. If anyone tries to access your saved passwords on firefox. Firefox will ask master password to access saved passwords.
  • After installing any software or accessing any websites always check that nobody is accessing your webcam. If you are a common user you can stick some paper on the Webcam. 
  • After everything, if your system is secured. Be sure someone can do social engineering on you. Someone can influence, insist you use infected software, or let you click on phishing links. So always be aware of social engineering. 
  • You can use Linux for better results. It is free of cost you can easily download from their websites and then install it in Virtual Machine

Kevin Mitnick Sayings (White Hat Hacker):-
  • There is no patch for stupidity.
  • Social engineering bypass all technologies, including firewalls.
For your Motivation:- You only fail when you stop trying. - Albert Einstein

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